When it is Okay to Drive While Intoxicated

Did you know that driving while intoxicated is illegal in North Carolina and the rest of the country? That isn’t a big secret to most people, yet many people still risk getting behind the wheel when they’ve had one too many. Driving while intoxicated is extremely dangerous, whether you’ve consumed alcohol or taken prescription or illegal drugs. If you think that you’re okay to drive after any of these substances are used, maybe you are right. Go ahead and drive when you’re intoxicated if:

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·    You want to build a criminal record. DWI isn’t a dismissible charge. Once it is on your record, it is there to stay.

·    You don’t value other people. Many lives are at-risk when you choose to get behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs. This includes people driving, pedestrians, and those in your vehicle.

·    You don’t mind the expense that comes with the charge and the need for a dwi lawyer raleigh. It is imperative to hire an attorney if you face this charge. Do you have that kind of cash lying around?

·    You aren’t embarrassed for other people to see this charge on your criminal record. It is public information and anyone can access it. The information may very well hold you back from getting great jobs, housing, loans, and more.

Do Not Drink & Drive

Driving while impaired is too risky of a behavior to commit, even if you aren’t stopped by law enforcement and charged with a crime, unless, of course, the situations above sound appealing to you. Life is far too precious to risk by driving when drunk or otherwise intoxicated. If you’re going to engage in alcohol or drugs, stay put in a safe location and never get behind the wheel of an automobile.